Kenjeran Park: Mainstream yet photogenic

Another tourist attraction in Surabaya, Kenjeran Park. Two times I visited this place, I found it very crowded, full of families spent time together, young people having a date, some tourist go here and there. Not really good, but impressive enough for this place is quite photogenic. You can walk from one point to another, but it’s better if you can come with a rental car.

Sanggar Agung Temple (Hong San Tang Temple) map


People praying. People said that during a full moon, many singles come to pray,- asking for a blessing to get a spouse.


Mother of dragon

4 Faces Buddha Status (map)

stellycious-surabaya-kenjeran-4The Windmillsstellycious-surabaya-kenjeran-6Across this area, they have a pagoda. However, we could not enter the site since they have been booked for a club gathering.

Suroboyo Bridge


This is still new.  Officially open on July 9, 2016,


The sight from above the bridge


You can have a glimpse of Suramadu bridge


Sunset view from the bridge

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2 thoughts on “Kenjeran Park: Mainstream yet photogenic

  1. These places are very beautiful and peaceful. With the map guide, I can now learn more about the geography there. Have you visited the Madura Island across Surabaya? Is it another beautiful island? As for me , I have only been to Jakarta, Bali and Lake Toba via Medan. Thank you.

  2. Yes. I have visited Madura twice for Bukit Jaddih and Gili Labak Beach. It’s a small island. Not much that you can see there and the travel distance is tough. The transportation and accommodation is still limited. You need to rent a car if you want to explore the island. But, some are worth the time and effort.

    Bukit Jaddih:
    Gili Labak:

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