Surabaya Heritage Track

Currently, I am assigned to a project in a port company in Surabaya. As mentioned by Wikipedia, Surabaya is the second-largest-city in Indonesia after Jakarta. This port city is also known as “City of National Heroes”. For me, this city is really “something”. Staying in this city make me feel like I’m living in a dream. It’s a modern city with strong sense of Dutch, Chinese, Arab, Javanese cultural heritage. I never feel bored with the sight along the way from my hotel to my clients (and vise versa). This time, I spent my half day to walk a small part of Surabaya Heritage Tracck.

1. House of Sampoerna (map)

In short, this is the first cigarette factory  of Sampoerna. The management then transformed it into museum, shop, cafe, and art gallery. The visitors can see the small production plant there. Free tour bus is also provided. It will bring you around some historical landmarks in old city area of Surabaya. Unfortunately, I never make my way to join the tour. Hopefully soon. 🙂


More info about house of sampoerna and the tour:

2. Jalan Gula (map)

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2 thoughts on “Surabaya Heritage Track

  1. Dear Stellycious, I am a regular reader of your travel stories. I like to know more about the beauties of your country. I am a retired lecturer from Kuching, Sarawak. Sometimes I have difficulties to locate the places mentioned in your trips. Maybe you can add a location map,either google map or hand-drawn map, so that your trip experience will be captured in my mind deeply. Thank you for sharing. My facebook/tingsc60. Mr Ting.

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