Sunda Kelapa

This place was claimed as one of the best spot for photo hunting in Jakarta, but I never come to this place before. Last week, 24 July 2016, I finally managed to visit  this surprisingly stunning and safe harbor. Entrance fee per person 5.000 IDR.

Photo captured by: Mark B. Salendu


It’s better to visit Sunda Kelapa 4.30 pm when the starts to set and stay there until the golden hour (Sunset). However, we missed it because we moved to the next destination.

Trail Route: Sunda Kelapa (15:30), Menara Syahbandar, Maritime Museum, Galangan VOC, Kota Intan Bridge, Kota Tua (The Old Town) at night.

A weekend to Kediri and Malang

So, my mom and I had a short escape to Kediri and Malang last May. This is the itinerary. We rented a car from/to Surabaya and driver to help us run our itinerary.

Day 1

We drove early morning to Kediri to visit Goa Maria Pohsarang. It should have taken 3 hours, but there were a carnival, so we reached our destination after more or less 4.5 hours.


Goa Maria Pohsarang, Kediri

From there, we bought some souvenirs, met my old schoolmate, and got our lunch in the city. Around 3 pm, we headed to Batu. Too bad, we encountered a carnival so we arrived late at Museum Angkut and Batu Night Spectacular. We also drive across the main hall of Batu City before we checked-in to our guesthouse, Adam’s Apple.

Day 2

The following morning, we went to Omah Kayu Paralayang. The location was hardly to reach by the car. The road was very steep and narrow. Lucky we had a very good driver. When we came there, they closed some areas for film shooting. Anyway, we had a good time there.


The view from Omah Kayu


Another view from Omah Kayu Paralayang


That’s my mom conquered the world :p

From there, we drove again to Malang city. During the journey, we enjoyed the time in a traditional market, tasting Cwie Mie from the origin place, etc.

In Malang, we paid a visit to the main hall of the city, enjoyed some desserts in Toko Oen, and also had our lunch at Bakso President.


Main Hall or “Alun-alun” (What they call it in Bahasa)


On our way back to Surabaya, our driver stopped by at Tretes, another famous highland in East Java for us to see around. He also suggested us to try Ote-ote and do some shopping at Tanggulangin, a well-known place for its leather products. He was a good driver and a tour guide.

All in all, it was a good and pleasant journey. We wish we could have longer time to go to Bromo Mount since it’s quite close to Malang. Perhaps, next time:)

2D1N Sabang – Banda Aceh

Short weekend getaway after driving 5-6 hours from Lhokseumawe to Banda Aceh.

We departed from Lhokseumawe around 6 or 7 pm. We made a stop at Socolatte (local chocolate product) for a while to buy some souvenirs. We arrived at Banda Aceh around 1 am and stayed a night at Siwah Hotel since all new hotel are already full.

The First Day:

Early morning we went to Ule Lhee Harbour to take ferry to Sabang Island. We use SABANGKOTA tour service for our short and quick getaway. We also had snorkling time on the first day.

Stellycious-banda aceh-pelabuhan

Ule Lhee Harbour


It’s Sabang!


A beach near to Freddies’


Anoi Hitam Beach




The most western point in Indonesia

The Second Day:

We got back to Banda Aceh and moved around to Tsunami Museum, Ayam Tangkap Restaurant, PLTD Apung, and some other historical tsunami sites. We spent time to buy souvenirs.


They kept the buildings destructed by Tsunami as it was


They didn’t move the ship from the original sites