Set apart girl-purposeful feminity

Set apart girl. I knew this terminology when I read a book titled “When God writes your story” around three years ago and loved the idea so much. Set apart girl is actually a girl who surrenders her life wholeheartedly to pursue Jesus Christ. She guards her heart and protects her femininity from the world’s distraction, such as shopping, socializing, texting, facebook-ing, watching movies, dating, etc. Even if, she meets a guy, they do not flirt, hold hands, kiss, etc. Enough said, I decided to follow the life style but then completely forgot about this.

Life offers so many interesting worldly things. Sometimes, we feel not good enough and it makes us spend majority of time to make us more attractive like going to a barbershop or beauty center or gym more regularly, or waste our money to buy new clothes, make-up kits, or sometimes the lonely feeling comes and makes us try so hard to maintain the relationship that we think good ones. It’s all tempting to consume our prayer time to build and maintain our best relationship with God.

I’m not saying that a girl doesn’t need to go to a beauty center, gym, put a make-up on her face, or talk with other people. Sometimes she needs to. But…. what’s her purpose? Is it because she respects her body and healthiness or she obsessed with herself?

My experiences are ups and downs. There was a time when I feel so happy by living following this life style. Then, it became an obsession. I joined some non-profit organization, became a volunteer here and there and… I was so frustrated.. I felt what I was doing was not enough and I wanted to do something bigger and bigger. I did expect recognition in return. So, the pure motivation was shifting to unhealthy obsession and selfish motives. Or there was a time I felt so happy as a single young lady but there were so many many couples, even couples from my religious community, showing their romances on social media or in front of my eyes. It doubt me if a set-apart girl will find a true, noble man someday. So, I flirted to prove that I’m attractive (though I keep my vows to prevent any physical contact, I know I’m losing my pure femininity by flirting with words).

I re-treated myself last weekend, during Valentine’s day. I was kind of reminded of this concept of life style. I read the official magazine on setapart official website and found it is so encouraging to detach all the worldly things and keep my eyes to do what is good, not for me, but for Him. Not my way, but His way. Not my time, but His time. It may not be easy to ensure the motivation will always be pure or there is no distraction ahead. But, I believe that, like I quote from an article to a monthly magazine titled purposeful feminity, a girl can examine her motives behind why she spend time doing what she does. Is it to serve God’s purpose or for temporal and selfish purposes?

Stand by me, Doraemon!

Jakarta is hosting an expo to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Doraemon. It’s located in Ancol and open until March 8, 2015. Wow. Never really into Doraemon since my childhood, however, it’s tempting to have a look, have fun, and get some cool pictures and merchandises.

We had 20% off discount using BCA credit card/flazz for the entrance ticket, so it’s around 79.000 IDR per person (Normal price IDR 90.000).


Before we got in, we were kind of stuck in a playground area where all my friends tried their luck to win the prize. This is “Catch a duck” game. You fish the duck and see the number it has at the bottom. If 0, it means you get nothing. If 1, it means you get the smallest prize (keychain), if 2, it means you get the one red pillow above. If 3, it means you get a big doraemon doll (refer to my ticket picture)


Karin, my friend, got nothing :)


just entered the expo!


                Sitting on the bench in front of nobita and shizuka’s wedding dress figures


  Whoooaaaa!! It hurts!


    Group selfie!


In grandma’s room


In nobita’s studying room…


Nobita’s family room


Say Hi!!!



Last but not least, it’s time to go shopping. Lots of cute merchandises and I got these, doraemon with dragon’s hat (I was born in Dragon Year), a classic red box (Chinese new year is coming!), and medicine boxes for.. well, I don’t know yet. ;p


After leaving the expo area, some of my friends tried dorayaki in cafe Doraemon.

All in all, it’s cute and I thought I would not put myself in a very difficult situation to take cute pictures or buy the merchandise, since I guessed it’s all for KIDS. But, yeah,,, can’t resist the cuteness! :p

So, if you haven’t come yet, just make your time to have fun there!

So happening! Have you been at Pasar Santa?

Jakarta oh Jakarta! It’s been raining most of time lately and it worsens traffic and increases potential flood. But, there are always good things to enjoy. Guess, I found an interesting place to eat, hang out, and kill the time lately. Yes, it’s pasar santa (official instagram:

Actually, this is a place full of creative young people selling foods, accessories, t-shirt and anything on the very top floor of a traditional market. This is a place where the touch of creativity shift the function of traditional market.

taken from instagram @pasarsanta

taken from instagram @pasarsanta

Been there twice and it was so nice!

First at night during weekdays with couples of friends. And, we were there to try “Black Burger” and “Es Cendol Durian“.

Taken from

Taken from Koran Jakarta


Second, I came at 1 pm on Sunday and… only some food counters were already opened. I tried “sate dombrut” and “Geram – burGER RAMen”.




Around 3 pm when I was about to go home, other food counters then started taking orders… And amazingly, one of recommended places by my friends, Papricano, has a very long queue line. There, I ordered Burrito and Quesadilla. Now, I know why people were really willing to queue. It’s cheap and very delicious.


So, if you are in Jakarta and looking for a place to hang out with your friends and something unique to eat, please come to Pasar Santa. However, since it’s a traditional market, don’t expect the room would be air-conditioned. It’s quite hot, anyway. The darker a day, the more crowded it will be. :)

In the ground floor, there was a section of counters selling action figures. It’s new since I never thought I would see things like this in a traditional market.

Other than that, of course you can buy daily products, meats, and vegetables there. They keep selling them. So, these young people can do shopping in a traditional market like what our (grand)parents do. :)

Ubud Cycling Tour

In the beginning of December 2014, I had office outing in Bali (again). I guess it’s a good opportunity to explore one part of Bali that I was very curious about, which is Ubud. There’s no beaches around, just a village full of artist, surrounded by rice field, where you can get closer to local houses and temples, and museums. In short, I asked for one day extension to enjoy Ubud. Officially the outing took 3 days however the last day was not really effective for office matters. So, I could spend two days in Ubud. Wondering the best way to enjoy Ubud, I decided to take a cycling tour.

I booked a tour by Bali Eco and was picked up very early in my official outing hotel. I was not by myself, since I was accompanied by my colleague. Here, we met the other 10 tourists, all of them coming from foreign countries, which were Vietnam and Australia.

At first stop, we stopped at phenomenal Tegallang Rice Field Terrace. It’s a a very short stop to take pictures.


Then, we had breakfast in a restaurant when we could see the lake view of Mount Batur.


Coincidentally, we met other colleagues who were taking Harley Davidson motor touring.


Then, the tour took us to a coffee plantation where they explained us about the plants, how luwak coffee was made, and etc. We got coffee testing too. :)


Finally, we started to bike!! During cycling, we stopped many times just to visit the local house and temple, rice mill, rice fields.

The children playing so happily

The children playing so happily

Part of local house we visited

Part of local house we visited

Temples belong to the family

Temples belong to the family

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Rice Mills

Rice Mills

Rice Fields

Rice Fields

I was so happy I took the tour by Bali Eco Cycling Tour. It was a bit expensive since it costed us 450.000 IDR (per person). However, the tour guide was awesome, talkative, and informative. I also felt secure since they really prioritized our safety. They provided water and bananas for the break. In the end of the tour, they took us to a restaurant where the food was very tasty.


stellycious-quopic CIFOR

My Forest Story

I was never really into forest conservation campaign since “human are the only creatures who cut the trees, make paper from it, and then write “SAVE THE TREES” on it”. However, this year I got a very wonderful chance to work for about 2 weeks at the international non-profit organization that conducts research about forestry challenge, CIFOR. The head office was located precisely at the forest conservation in Bogor, Indonesia and during those two weeks, they held International Forum Week in there where all the researchers came from all over the world. Lots of journal published and could be consumed by public. What a coincident! What a lesson!

Note: You may find the research paper on the official websites. They are talking about climate change, carbon usage, illegal logging, forest products, and so on.

Well during my stay, I saw butterflies flying and squirrels jumping from one tree to another from my room window. I saw it everyday. During the break, I walked around and explored the area and saw small lizards and so-big spiders. They were all so real frightened (I realized what I would be facing if I went hiking someday because of this).

I really wish I could come here again next year. It was so green and refreshing. So peaceful and mysterious at the same time.

The main road

The main road

Too bad, they got the mud filling the deep hole

Too bad, they got the mud filling the deep hole

Like a hobbit, I was crossing the forest path

Like a hobbit, I was crossing the forest path

another hobbit's pathway

another hobbit’s pathway

so mystical. It's scary anyhow.

so mystical. It’s scary anyhow.

they also had a place to conserve the deer.

they also had a place to conserve the deer.


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